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  • Why Hire an Agent?

    Why should you hire me to market your home? I’ve helped homeowners who want to sell for many reasons achieve their goals for over 8 years, in markets favoring buyers and sellers. My experience can help get you the most money for your home, and I’ve developed a marketing system that gets you the exposure needed to find a buyer.

    The first step in selling is to give me a call for a consultation! I’ll listen to your goals, and set an action plan to get your home into escrow. I’ll bring my proven experience selling properties to the table, and also listen to your ideas for marketing your home. I’ll give you a marketing package, and go over the ways I’ll help you sell your property, which can include a personalized property website and listings in local real estate magazines, including our own publication which is distributed throughout the Morongo Basin.

    But my marketing plan is so much more! I’ve put together many different ways to get your listing out to buyers, and want to help you get the most out of your home with as little delay as possible.

    One of the most common errors some sellers make is the over or under valuing of their property. I’ll give you my personal valuation of your home, and provide comparable sale information so that you can see how I arrived at your valuation. This allows you to place your home for sale at a fair market value and minimizes the time it takes to find a buyer.

  • A little cleaning

    If you don't plan on living in the home during the period when you are selling, you should begin packing and cleaning out areas for as little clutter as possible. Now is the time to touch up on your paint, clean or replace dirty or worn flooring that might concern you, and to perform any landscape trimming or maintenance if needed. It's a good idea to attempt to view your home through the perspective of a buyer, in order to fix anything you think should be fixed before listing. 

    Now is also the time to perform any staging you'd like before photos are taken and showings scheduled, even if you will be living in your home while selling. Your home should look as uncluttered and welcoming as possible, and I am always happy to provide tips on what you can do to spruce things up. 
  • During Showings

    Sometimes buyers will want to view your property with their real estate agent without an owner being present. You'll need to plan to have something to do during the times potential buyers visit your home, if they aren't comfortable talking candidly about a home with the owner there.

  • Offers Some offers may be below asking price. I can help you negotiate a better offer, or decline one you don't want to entertain, and continue marketing your home until you find the offer that's right for you. 

         I look forward to working with you during the sale of your home, from the initial listing, pictures,     showings, etc., through to an accepted offer, inspections and close of escrow. Please feel free to contact me today so that I can put my experience to work for you. 

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